The Red Carpet Photo Booth Belfast

Our Red Carpet Photo Booth experience aims to give you amazing, high resolution pictures that really capture the party side of your wedding day, as well as allowing your guests an opportunity to take some beautiful images whilst dressed to impress. It’s not your traditional booth, but in our opinion, it’s a whole lot better!

What exactly is it?

Our Red Carpet Booth setup allows you to fit up to 12 people into one photo (more if you don’t mind getting cosy). It’s large, so you’re not squashed in and enclosed like the more (rubbish) traditional booths. Pick up some props, go through the red rope barrier and strut out onto the red carpet. Once you’re there, take as many pictures as you like. There are no limits. The big viewing screen allows you to see and set yourself before the photo is taken so you can make sure your pose is perfect, and the instant review feature lets you see the pictures straight away. The booth is always manned by one of us, so there’s no need to worry about anything technical, all you need to do is grab your guests and enjoy it all.

What is included?

You and your guests get full use of the photo booth for 3 hours. The start time is up to you. There is a great selection of high quality props included (hats, glasses, blackboards, signs etc) for you and your guests to use, and you and your guests can take as many photos as you like.

You and all your guests can see the images straight away on the viewing screen, and they will be able to download the high resolution photos (via a password protected online gallery) within 24 hours. As a bonus, a copy of all photos will be sent to the happy couple on a branded USB stick roughly 1 week after your event as a keep sake from your wedding day.

Are the photos good quality?

YES! The photos are all super high resolution, 300dpi images. Perfect for framing or canvas printing as well as simply sharing on social media.

How big is it??

The  booth requires a space of 3 meters by 3 meters. Please check with your venue that there is a space big enough for us to setup in. It’s quite a large, but awesome setup.

How much does it cost?

The booth is £295 to hire. That’s it. No sneaky extras. Payment is due at the time of booking and additional hours can be added at a cost of £60 per hour.

Book the Red Carpet Photo Booth for just £295

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