About Us

2018 marks 10 years since the two of us got together as a couple. Many of our friends think we are mad working together, but we genuinely love it.

Our aim is a simple one – produce beautiful imagery that our customers will love and cherish forever.

We understand that it can sometimes feel a bit unnatural posing for photos, so we do our utmost to alleviate any nerves and make the whole process of having your photograph taken a positive and enjoyable one.


From: Wolverhampton, West Midlands

Loves: Technology

Hates: Dulse (Irish Seaweed)

Hobbies: Video games, Movies, Drawing and Craft beer making/drinking

Lesley-Anne (or LA for Short)

From: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Loves: Downton Abbey & Soda Bread

Hates: Spiders

Hobbies: Colouring in, Baking, Dog Walking, Box Sets


This is Braden, our beautiful son. He was born in 2015, loves to climb things he shouldn’t and his best bud is Russell.


This is Russell, our hairy, noisy but amazing other child. He loves nothing more than stealing socks and playing with Braden!

We got married in December 2012 in Northern Ireland surrounded by friends and family. It was the greatest day of our lives.

We are both fans of live music and enjoy going to as many gigs and festivals as we can squeeze in. Our first date was a Juliet Turner gig arranged by LA.

We lived in Canada for a while and both now have slight Maple Syrup addictions. If anybody is ever stuck for a present idea for us…

We’ve a long list of places we would like to travel to. Top of this list is Japan. We are hoping to go there once Braden is a little older.